Hire Well Trained & Pre Vetted Technical Talents

Increase your retention rate by up to 1.5 Years by hiring from our pre-vetted talent pool.

Why Should You Hire From our Talent Pipeline?

High-Touch Approach To Recruitment

Hire top vetted technical talent across Africa quickly and seamlessly.

Quality Talent Pool

Tap into our talent pool spanning multiple regions and consisting of the best carefully vetted engineers.

Reduced Attrition Rate

Our Reactors will help your team stay in shape for as long as you need them to.

How It Works



Company Onboarding

Spend less time interviewing and more time building by connecting with engineers who have undergone our rigorous vetting process. We will select talents based on your needs from our talent pool, interview them and then present them to you.



Training & Culture

We will schedule a culture fit interview between you and the shortlisted talent. After you are sure that you have what you are looking for, the talent will kickstart a culture-fit onboarding with your organization.



Full-Time Contract-Offer

Our Aim is to to increase your retention rate by at least 1.5 years. During this 1.5-year period, your company will pay monthly salaries plus benefit to each talent, for their services.

About ReactHQ Onboarding Program

We maintain an elite network of pre-vetted African technical talents who are tested, graded and effectively matched with our partners in an integrated talent and project management ecosystem.

When screening talents, we determine how each prospect will fit into that structure in addition to possessing the appropriate skill set to excel in the job opportunity.

We also facilitate exclusive talent management support from start to finish, providing consistent performance management and evaluation for every engineer assigned to your company.

What People Are Saying

Fransisca Ademoye

Software Engineer

Ahmed Abdul

QA Engineer

Mano Le Saux


I’m very picky about the company I work for. For me, culture, growth and career progression are important. ReactHQ helped me to find a company that was a perfect match.

Highly Qualified Candidates With In-Demand Skills

We recruit technical talent team members with the most in-demand skills for your organization. Tap into our talent pool consisting of top technical talent with diverse skill sets.

Mobile Developers

(IOS & Android)

Aplication Developers

(.NET, Java etc)

DevOps Engineers


Front-End Developers

(.NET, Java etc)

Product Designers

(UI/UX Design)

Engineering Managers


Data Scientist


QA Engineers


Grow Your Team With our pre-vetted Technical Talents